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CNC solutions

Glede na individualne želje kupcev v podjetju nudimo tudi celotno realizacijo proizvoda, ki poleg termične obdelave zajema še natančno in stroškovno učinkovito izdelavo izdelka v skladu z najzahtevnejšimi proizvodnimi standardi...


CAD/CAM design & programming

Our experienced production engineers and CNC programmers use the advanced MazaCAM CAD/CAM package that enables fast and efficient programming and processing of our Mazak CNC machining centers. We can import and export DXF, STEP or IGES file formats. In this way MazaCAM balances the value of highly experienced production staff through advanced production tools. This allows for the upgrading of skills of new engineers through visualization, simulation and optimization of the production process.


The basic aim and purpose of the CAD- and CAM-system links has been the rationalization of the information flow, reaching from the product design to its manufaction. The production is faster, better and cheaper. CAD/CAM link significantly shortens the time from product design to its manufaction, which includes NC-programming, production of tools and prototypes. In particular, NC- programming is important because not only it helps reduce the time to generate the NC-code, it also reduces the possibility of errors. This results in greater accuracy and reliability as well as the flexibility of the code for different CNC-controls and machining centers.

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